Ad Time is Now Your Time

Your values are worth protecting. Filtrie empowers you to set limits on TV ads so they conform to your values, interests and lifestyles.

What is Filtrie?

Filtrie is a simple device that plugs in between your TV and service (e.g., cable, satellite, streaming box, etc.) and empowers you to filter ads that conflict with your values. Just set up a profile and connect our device to your personal Wi-Fi, then let Filtrie automatically replace ads that are annoying, inappropriate, or offensive with the positive messages that fit your lifestyle.

Connect Filtrie

Plug your Filtrie device into the TV and connect to your service’s HDMI cable. Then connect Filtrie to Wi-Fi.

Set Preferences

Download the app to your phone or go online and select filters based on your values and lifestyle.

Sit Back & Relax

Enjoy a TV experience free of unwanted ads while getting the information you need.


Stop racing to find the remote during the commercial breaks to avoid awkward or offensive TV ads. We are on guard 24/7 to automatically replace inappropriate or offensive ads with ones of interest and content snippets that you select. Our commitment is to protect your values.


Our service works across all services and you can even switch between services at any time so you’re never locked in. Set-up takes just a few minutes and then we’ll be hard at work for you. Update your profile at any time so the ads and content snippets stay relevant and useful to you.


We are not a censor, we simply help enforce your rules to ensure tv time is in your control. Filtire is ideal for all lifestyles. Whether you are vegetarian, diabetic, healthy, or religious, we let you choose the positive messages that encourage your journey. Now is the time for you to take control over TV ads.

Protect values, protect family.


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