3 ways Filtrie is supporting industry growth

Many reports predict that TV advertising is becoming stagnant and possibly even diminishing as advertisers continue to shift their spending into online and digital media. Filtrie is committed to helping grow TV advertising by increasing ad relevance, eliminating waste and increasing the number of advertisers. Here are the top three ways Filtrie is dedicated to promoting industry growth and personal values:

  1. Increased Relevancy: Traditional advertising methods are on the decline and fail to respect viewer interests, values, and lifestyles.  As a result, viewers find most TV ads irrelevant or inappropriate. By putting the viewer first and empowering them to set limits, ads become more relevant, interesting, and likely to be watched.  If more ads are actually being watched, then advertisers are incentivized to create content that resonates with target markets because they know it is reaching them.
  2. Decreased Waste: A product like erectile dysfunction may speak to a certain demographic (say men aged 50 and older), but the current model requires that a 30-second ad be purchased and delivered to the entire audience. This leads to the ad being muted, tuned out, or turned off. This is a waste of viewers time and a company’s money. Filtrie aims to reduce this waste by delivering that ad to the 10% of the audience that it  actually applies to.
  3. Increase Demand:  If consumers needs can be targeted, and the advertising budget lowered demand for optimized ad placement will rise. Advertisers who have shunned TV in the past will now be able to justify the spend.  As a result, a wave of new advertisers will enter the market, promoting industry sustainability.

TV is far from dead, it just needs to evolve. Filtrie leapfrogs both traditional and addressable advertising by delivering ads based on the actual viewer and household.  Our patented technology works with the cord cutters as well as the 100 million US households that continue to use for cable, satellite, and over the air broadcast for their service.  Plus, our viewer first approach is revolutionary and will transform TV advertiser back into a growth industry.


Jim Birch

Author | Filtrie Founder


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