Are TV ads relevant in today’s world?

Content isn’t free. We pay for entertainment directly through subscriptions like Hulu or Netflix, or indirectly through being exposed to advertisements. In today’s world many opt for the direct subscriptions that allow them to watch what they want when they want, without the ads. Not everyone values this model or purchases the extra “ad free” subscriptions, so where does that leave the rest of us?

We all try to skip or avoid TV ads. By muting the TV or walking away we undercut the whole advertising model.  While this may seem like a harmless intention to many, if advertisers no longer see value in spending money on ads then we can expect to start paying directly for content via the subscriptions many avoid.

A frequent criticism we hear from viewers is that TV ads can be offensive, inappropriate, or irrelevant to the place in life they are at.  If ads are seen as a waste of time, then what is the solution for those uninterested in entertainment subscriptions?

Here at Filtrie we believe one solution is to make ads more interesting and relevant to viewers.  We put the viewer first and give them control in setting limits. If ads suddenly become more relevant and showcase useful information that speaks to the users life then those ads are more likely to be watched.

So are TV ads relevant in today’s society? We think so. If providers put the viewers first and speak to their interests, then the advertising content model can continue to work and be successful for both parties. Now is the time to start making TV time your time.


Jim Birch

Author | Filtrie Founder


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