Founding Filtrie

I am frequently asked where my product ideas come from and why I decided to develop Filtrie. For me, the light bulb moment happened while watching TV with my two teenage girls and an ad came on that made us all feel very awkward. It made me realize that this is a situation than more than just my family faces. It was then that I decided there had to be a better way so everyone, including me, wouldn’t have to become anxious or nervous whenever a break came on.

When the TV entertainment industry is built upon showing ads, family TV time becomes a game of russian roulette and we are forced to wait and see what ads we get. The industry caters to the highest dollar amount and often ignores users lifestyle. If TV providers want to sustain their business model it will need to win back the alienated viewers and meet their needs.

So when I founded Filtrie I wanted the viewers to be in charge and let them set limits on ads.  No more anxious moments. No more embarrassing and awkward breaks. Instead, viewers can get ads on products and services that are actually of use and value.  Filtrie is changing the paradigm so ad time becomes your time.


Jim Birch

Author | Filtrie Founder


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