Filtrie is about empowering, protecting, and enhancing.

Our founder created Filtrie after becoming frustrated being exposed to inappropriate ads when watching TV with his two teenage girls. He realized that people needed the ability to set limits on ads so they could skip or avoid unwanted messages.

Built to empower you. Filtrie is not a censor, but instead a tool designed to help enforce the limits you set to protect your family. Imagine an evening free from embarrassment and TV ads that make you cringe.

Filtrie’s custom content filtering allows you to have have peace of mind with the positive messages you select. Ad time is now your time.

Transforming an industry can be a challenge, especially for a startup. We need your help.  Share with friends, family, colleagues, church members, or anyone who wants to protect their values. Sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you posted on our progress. Be part of the movement!